We are a family owned and operated business, building custom work with passion and pride.  Every home is treated with care and pieces are built unique to your needs.

Robert has been in the building industry since the mid ‘1970’s, developing his skills and experience over the years while running a successful building company.  He has used some of these experiences to teach future tradesmen through the TAFE system. 

Brookvale doors and screens started as it was frustrating to have invested so much physical and emotional energy into building a house, to be let down by the selection of doors and particularly the almost total absence of quality insect screens, particularly since these final touches are often the defining features of a home and ones we are particularly passionate about. 

We therefore started making our own doors and screens and the business grew from there, where we also started making our own gates. The skills earned are transferable to many different uses, as seen on the Special Orders section. We have a current builders license, and maintain the necessary insurances.

Although based in the Southern Tablelands of NSW, we do travel widely, as we realise there are many beautiful homes and buildings in the rural areas where we believe we can add some quality touches and not just concentrate in the major urban areas.

As we are not serving a mass market, our customers can be assured of receiving our full attention through the entire process from enquire to completion and beyond. Regardless of whether we are doing reproduction heritage work, or individualising a project home, our clients are all very house proud and we respect, understand and possess similar qualities.

Our Process

An enquiry through this website starts the process. We reply as promptly as possible to then determine your specific requirements. 

We then go into increasing detail of the work and if possible, get rough sizes, preferred materials and any specific details at which time we can offer suggestions and sometimes price estimates. 

Photographs via email can help a lot as we don’t necessarily need to visit site until final measurements and final details are needed. This can work well for the busy lifestyles, privacy and distance work issues. We do regular production runs and then any installs, which roughly equates to one per month.

We generally price in three parts:

  1. supply of product, 
  2. supply of any hardware; and
  3. site labour if we do the install. 

We will not ask for a deposit beyond the legal limit though do expect full payment upon delivery / completion.

Contact us today if you need a door, screen or special order.